sábado, 28 de maio de 2011


it must be a reason
to be explained
to define the meaning of a number
followed by another
and then the numbers repeat themselves
but following a different order
and everything becomes explained
in just one number
or not
like a word
letter by letter
like a poem
heart's squeezed in a juice machine
memories painted in walls
and when a book is closed
another book opens
and another walls come closer
and another heart is squeezed
following a body
a body following a brain
always trying to disrupt
it must be a reason
to be explained
it must be a universe to be found
a new quest
an odyssey
an emotion
inside the smallest particle
(no translation today, and a sequence is going to be annexed on a lerrnsthursday... or not)

1 comentário:

  1. "heart's squeezed in a juice machine..
    memories painted in walls" great lines!

    and I love the 'or not' at the end...always the teaser ;)