sábado, 20 de março de 2010


raining outside
windows closed now
and still raining outside
a few hours ago i could see a small river from the window
the water was running on the road
finding a way out
going on to another round
a descendent path
to a hole
a descendent path
to a hole in the road
windows are closed now
but i still follow that water
it's going to the river i know
that one surrounded with small trees
but there's a particular tree there
it's been there since the beginning
and never leaves the place
i've heard so often about moving trees
i'm amazed about this one
never leaves that beautiful place
almost falling over the river
the tree gives a gentle shining shadow on the water
and i remember the will to swim in there
even if i never tried to
i keep that will to swim in there
but i never had the strength to go down to the river
to dive
and to find the tree roots
i'm always on the surface
always embracing the tree
and watching our expressions on the water

2 comentários:

  1. How do you do this? Paint so spectacularly with just words? I have many favorites of your poems that I go back to from time to time and this will be one of them.

  2. i wish to know the "tree". is without question, one of the best you have written. makes me feel...there