domingo, 14 de março de 2010


starting with the specific purpose
of finishing
a pseudopoem composed
140 lines
and right now there i'm starting
i think on the impossible task
to find
where the 140 lines end
so let's see where it goes
and somewhere
between space and time
the space i use to occupy
140 lines
and the space i use to write
and time
i take more time to calculate the lines
going back
checking and counting
than the time i need to complete the job
and as i write
i see the sun
30 minutes ago i needed an umbrella
to go to the pool with my dear daughter
and now she's swimming
while i write
and you don't see the sun
because you're not me
we are together in different times and spaces
and yet
we can see the same things
and respect them
on different times and spaces
maybe that's what we call
time travelling
is it after all space travelling
if time can fit space
as time is always the same
only the space we use
can be different
space travelling
isn't it all that we can do
only travel
from spaces to spaces
without finding anything
only our only empty space
always curious
always profound
and eager for knowledge
space travelling
and it's time to count
all those lines and i'm still so far away
why creating crazy goals
when we have an entire life to complete
i am going to complete
140 lines
some other day
and now i'm finishing today
it would be so simple
to put a number on the side
to find the actual number
starting by
1 ...
2 ...
3 ...
and going on
but as always
is when we're finishing
we know how everything should start

1 comentário:

  1. "when we're finishing
    we know how everything should start" - beautiful

    "There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning." :-)